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GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

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29.3 Frame Parameters

A frame has many parameters that control its appearance and behavior. Just what parameters a frame has depends on what display mechanism it uses.

Frame parameters exist mostly for the sake of window systems. A terminal frame has a few parameters, mostly for compatibility's sake; only the height, width, name, title, menu-bar-lines, buffer-list and buffer-predicate parameters do something special. If the terminal supports colors, the parameters foreground-color, background-color, background-mode and display-type are also meaningful.

29.3.1 Access to Frame Parameters  How to change a frame's parameters.
29.3.2 Initial Frame Parameters  Specifying frame parameters when you make a frame.
29.3.3 Window Frame Parameters  List of frame parameters for window systems.
29.3.4 Frame Size And Position  Changing the size and position of a frame.

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