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GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

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29.1 Creating Frames

To create a new frame, call the function make-frame.

Function: make-frame &optional alist
This function creates a new frame. If you are using a supported window system, it makes a window frame; otherwise, it makes a terminal frame.

The argument is an alist specifying frame parameters. Any parameters not mentioned in alist default according to the value of the variable default-frame-alist; parameters not specified even there default from the standard X resources or whatever is used instead on your system.

The set of possible parameters depends in principle on what kind of window system Emacs uses to display its frames. See section 29.3.3 Window Frame Parameters, for documentation of individual parameters you can specify.

Variable: before-make-frame-hook
A normal hook run by make-frame before it actually creates the frame.

Variable: after-make-frame-functions
An abnormal hook run by make-frame after it creates the frame. Each function in after-make-frame-functions receives one argument, the frame just created.

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