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GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

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2.4 Editing Types

The types in the previous section are used for general programming purposes, and most of them are common to most Lisp dialects. Emacs Lisp provides several additional data types for purposes connected with editing.

2.4.1 Buffer Type  The basic object of editing.
2.4.2 Marker Type  A position in a buffer.
2.4.3 Window Type  Buffers are displayed in windows.
2.4.4 Frame Type  Windows subdivide frames.
2.4.5 Window Configuration Type  Recording the way a frame is subdivided.
2.4.6 Frame Configuration Type  Recording the status of all frames.
2.4.7 Process Type  A process running on the underlying OS.
2.4.8 Stream Type  Receive or send characters.
2.4.9 Keymap Type  What function a keystroke invokes.
2.4.10 Overlay Type  How an overlay is represented.

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