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GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

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23. Major and Minor Modes

A mode is a set of definitions that customize Emacs and can be turned on and off while you edit. There are two varieties of modes: major modes, which are mutually exclusive and used for editing particular kinds of text, and minor modes, which provide features that users can enable individually.

This chapter describes how to write both major and minor modes, how to indicate them in the mode line, and how they run hooks supplied by the user. For related topics such as keymaps and syntax tables, see 22. Keymaps, and 35. Syntax Tables.

23.1 Major Modes  Defining major modes.
23.2 Minor Modes  Defining minor modes.
23.3 Mode Line Format  Customizing the text that appears in the mode line.
23.4 Imenu  How a mode can provide a menu of definitions in the buffer.
23.5 Font Lock Mode  How modes can highlight text according to syntax.
23.6 Hooks  How to use hooks; how to write code that provides hooks.

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