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GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

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22.12 Menu Keymaps

A keymap can define a menu as well as bindings for keyboard keys and mouse button. Menus are usually actuated with the mouse, but they can work with the keyboard also.

22.12.1 Defining Menus  How to make a keymap that defines a menu.
22.12.2 Menus and the Mouse  How users actuate the menu with the mouse.
22.12.3 Menus and the Keyboard  How they actuate it with the keyboard.
22.12.4 Menu Example  Making a simple menu.
22.12.5 The Menu Bar  How to customize the menu bar.
22.12.6 Tool bars  A tool bar is a row of images.
22.12.7 Modifying Menus  How to add new items to a menu.

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