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GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

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18.2.9 Evaluation

While within Edebug, you can evaluate expressions "as if" Edebug were not running. Edebug tries to be invisible to the expression's evaluation and printing. Evaluation of expressions that cause side effects will work as expected, except for changes to data that Edebug explicitly saves and restores. See section 18.2.14 The Outside Context, for details on this process.

e exp RET
Evaluate expression exp in the context outside of Edebug (edebug-eval-expression). That is, Edebug tries to minimize its interference with the evaluation.

M-: exp RET
Evaluate expression exp in the context of Edebug itself.

C-x C-e
Evaluate the expression before point, in the context outside of Edebug (edebug-eval-last-sexp).

Edebug supports evaluation of expressions containing references to lexically bound symbols created by the following constructs in `cl.el' (version 2.03 or later): lexical-let, macrolet, and symbol-macrolet.

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