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GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

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11.10 Buffer-Local Variables

Global and local variable bindings are found in most programming languages in one form or another. Emacs, however, also supports additional, unusual kinds of variable binding: buffer-local bindings, which apply only in one buffer, and frame-local bindings, which apply only in one frame. Having different values for a variable in different buffers and/or frames is an important customization method.

This section describes buffer-local bindings; for frame-local bindings, see the following section, 11.11 Frame-Local Variables. (A few variables have bindings that are local to each terminal; see 29.2 Multiple Displays.)

11.10.1 Introduction to Buffer-Local Variables  Introduction and concepts.
11.10.2 Creating and Deleting Buffer-Local Bindings  Creating and destroying buffer-local bindings.
11.10.3 The Default Value of a Buffer-Local Variable  The default value is seen in buffers that don't have their own buffer-local values.

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