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GNU ed reference manual

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2. Invoking GNU ed

ed [-] [-Gs] [-p string] [file]
red [-] [-Gs] [-p string] [file]

Forces backwards compatibility. This affects the behavior of the ed commands `G', `V', `f', `l', `m', `t' and `!!'. If the default behavior of these commands does not seem familiar, then try invoking ed with this switch.

Suppresses diagnostics. This should be used if ed's standard input is from a script.

-p string
Specifies a command prompt. This may be toggled on and off with the `P' command.

file specifies the name of a file to read. If file is prefixed with a bang (!), then it is interpreted as a shell command. In this case, what is read is the standard output of file executed via sh (1). To read a file whose name begins with a bang, prefix the name with a backslash (\). The default filename is set to file only if it is not prefixed with a bang.

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