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3.1.1 Locating the Executable File

The path name of the executing process as required by dld_init might not be easily obtained all the time. Not all systems pass the entire path name of the executable file as the first argument (argv[0]) to main. In order to obtain the full path of the executable file, dld_init uses the dld_find_program function.

Function: char *dld_find_progname (const char *progname)
dld_find_progname returns the absolute path name of the file that would be executed if command were given as a command. It looks up the environment variable PATH, searches in each of the directory listed for progname, and returns the absolute path name for the first occurrence.

Note: If the current process is executed using the execve call without passing the correct path name as argument 0, dld_find_program (argv[0]) will also fail to locate the executable file.

dld_find_executable returns zero if command is not found in any of the directories listed in PATH.

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