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2. What is Dld?

Dld is a library package of C functions that performs dynamic link editing. Programs that use dld can add compiled object code to or remove such code from a process anytime during its execution. Loading modules, searching libraries, resolving external references, and allocating storage for global and static data structures are all performed at run time.

Dld is now available for VAX, Sun 3, SPARCstation, Sequent Symmetry, Atari ST, and Linux.

This text describes how the dld functions can be called and some technical details that you should be aware of. For the internals of dld and sample applications, please refer to An Approach to Genuine Dynamic Linking, Software--Practice and Experience, Vol. 21(4), 375-390 (April 1991). An early draft of that paper is included with the dld distribution.

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