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1. A Dynamic Link Editor

This file documents GNU Dld, a library that allows programs to link and unlink compiled object code at run time. This edition documents version 3.3.

2. What is Dld?  
3. The Dld Library  
Function Index  
Variable Index  

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The Dld Library

3.1 Initializing Dld  Initializing dld.
3.2 Dynamically Linking in New Modules  Dynamically adding new modules.
3.3 Unlinking a Module  Unlinking a module.
3.4 Invoking Dynamically Linked Functions  Invoking dynamically linked functions.
3.5 Determining if a Function is Executable  Determining if a function is executable.
3.6 Listing the Undefined Symbols  Listing the undefined symbols.
3.7 Explicitly Referencing a Symbol  Explicitly referencing a symbol.
3.8 Explicitly Defining a Symbol  Explicitly defining a symbol.
3.9 C++ Construtor Support  Handling C++ global constructors.
3.10 Linking Other Languages  Executing functions in other languages.
3.11 Printing Error Messages  Printing error messages.
3.12 Definition of Error Codes  Definition of error codes.

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