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Comparing and Merging Files

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10.11 Messages and Questions from patch

patch can produce a variety of messages, especially if it has trouble decoding its input. In a few situations where it's not sure how to proceed, patch normally prompts you for more information from the keyboard. There are options to produce more or fewer messages, to have it not ask for keyboard input, and to affect the way that file names are quoted in messages.

10.11.1 Controlling the Verbosity of patch  Controlling the verbosity of patch.
10.11.2 Inhibiting Keyboard Input  Inhibiting keyboard input.
10.11.3 patch Quoting Style  Quoting file names in diagnostics.

patch exits with status 0 if all hunks are applied successfully, 1 if some hunks cannot be applied, and 2 if there is more serious trouble. When applying a set of patches in a loop, you should check the exit status, so you don't apply a later patch to a partially patched file.

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