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Comparing and Merging Files

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7. Comparing Three Files

Use the program diff3 to compare three files and show any differences among them. (diff3 can also merge files; see 8. Merging From a Common Ancestor).

The "normal" diff3 output format shows each hunk of differences without surrounding context. Hunks are labeled depending on whether they are two-way or three-way, and lines are annotated by their location in the input files.

See section 14. Invoking diff3, for more information on how to run diff3.

7.1 A Third Sample Input File  Sample diff3 input for examples.
7.2 Detailed Description of diff3 Normal Format  A detailed description of normal output format.
7.3 diff3 Hunks  The format of normal output format.
7.4 An Example of diff3 Normal Format  Sample output in the normal format.

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