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DejaGnu Testing Framework

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A.2 Installing DejaGnu

To install DejaGnu in your filesystem (either in `/usr/local', or as specified by your `--prefix' option to configure), execute

eg$ make install

`make install' does these things for DejaGnu:

  1. Look in the path specified for executables (`$exec_prefix') for directories called `lib' and `bin'. If these directories do not exist, `make install' creates them.

  2. Create another directory in the `lib' directory, called `dejagnu'.

  3. Copy the runtest shell script into `$exec_prefix/bin'.

  4. Copy all the library files (used to support the framework) into `$exec_prefix/lib/dejagnu'.

  5. Copy `runtest.exp' into `$exec_prefix/lib/dejagnu'. This is the main Tcl code implementing DejaGnu.

Each test suite collection comes with simple installation instructions in a `README' file; in general, the test suites are designed to be unpacked in the source directory for the corresponding tool, and extract into a directory called `testsuite'.

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