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DejaGnu Testing Framework

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2.2 What does a DejaGnu test look like?

Each DejaGnu test is an expect script; the tests vary widely in complexity, depending on the nature of the tool and the feature tested.

Here is a very simple GDB test--one of the simplest tests shipped with DejaGnu (extracted from `gdb.t00/echo.exp'):(2)

# send a string to the GDB stdin:
send "echo Hello world!\n"

# inspect the GDB stdout for the correct reply,
# and determine whether the test passes or fails:
expect {
  -re "Hello world.*$prompt $"    { pass "Echo test" }
  -re "$prompt $"                 { fail "Echo test" }
  timeout                         { fail "(timeout) Echo test" }

Though brief, this example is a complete test. It illustrates some of the main features of DejaGnu test scripts:

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