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DejaGnu Testing Framework

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5.6 The files DejaGnu reads

The runtest program used to invoke DejaGnu is a short shell script generated by make during the configuration process. Its main task is to read the main test framework driver, `runtest.exp'.

`runtest.exp', in turn, reads expect code from certain other files, in this order:

  1. Each of the `site.exp' local definition files available. See section Setting runtest defaults, for details.

  2. `lib/utils.exp', a collection of utility procedures. See section DejaGnu Builtins, for descriptions of these procedures.

  3. `lib/framework.exp', a file of subroutines meant for runtest itself rather than for general-purpose use in both runtest and test suites.

  4. `debugger.exp', Don Libes' Tcl Debugger. (See A Debugger for Tcl Applications by Don Libes. This paper is distributed with expect in PostScript form as the file `expect/tcl-debug.ps'.)

  5. `lib/remote.exp', a collection of subroutines meant for connecting to remote machines.

  6. `lib/target.exp', a collection of subroutines used for the configuration systems in DejaGnu. These procedures typically manipulate or utilize the configuration system.

  7. An initialization file tool_init.exp. See section Initialization module, for more discussion of init files.

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