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CVS--Concurrent Versions System v1.11.1.1

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C. Reference manual for Administrative files

Inside the repository, in the directory `$CVSROOT/CVSROOT', there are a number of supportive files for CVS. You can use CVS in a limited fashion without any of them, but if they are set up properly they can help make life easier. For a discussion of how to edit them, see 2.4 The administrative files.

The most important of these files is the `modules' file, which defines the modules inside the repository.

C.1 The modules file  Defining modules
C.2 The cvswrappers file  Specify binary-ness based on file name
C.3 The commit support files  The commit support files (commitinfo, verifymsg, editinfo, loginfo)
C.4 Rcsinfo  Templates for the log messages
C.5 Ignoring files via cvsignore  
C.6 The checkoutlist file  Adding your own administrative files
C.7 The history file  History information
C.8 Expansions in administrative files  Various variables are expanded
C.9 The CVSROOT/config configuration file  Miscellaneous CVS configuration

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