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CVS--Concurrent Versions System v1.11.1.1

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A.15.2 release output

Before release releases your sources it will print a one-line message for any file that is not up-to-date.

Warning: Any new directories that you have created, but not added to the CVS directory hierarchy with the add command (see section 7.1 Adding files to a directory) will be silently ignored (and deleted, if `-d' is specified), even if they contain files.

U file
P file
There exists a newer revision of this file in the repository, and you have not modified your local copy of the file (`U' and `P' mean the same thing).

A file
The file has been added to your private copy of the sources, but has not yet been committed to the repository. If you delete your copy of the sources this file will be lost.

R file
The file has been removed from your private copy of the sources, but has not yet been removed from the repository, since you have not yet committed the removal. See section A.8 commit--Check files into the repository.

M file
The file is modified in your working directory. There might also be a newer revision inside the repository.

? file
file is in your working directory, but does not correspond to anything in the source repository, and is not in the list of files for CVS to ignore (see the description of the `-I' option, and see section C.5 Ignoring files via cvsignore). If you remove your working sources, this file will be lost.

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