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CVS--Concurrent Versions System v1.11.1.1

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A.12.2 import output

import keeps you informed of its progress by printing a line for each file, preceded by one character indicating the status of the file:

U file
The file already exists in the repository and has not been locally modified; a new revision has been created (if necessary).

N file
The file is a new file which has been added to the repository.

C file
The file already exists in the repository but has been locally modified; you will have to merge the changes.

I file
The file is being ignored (see section C.5 Ignoring files via cvsignore).

L file
The file is a symbolic link; cvs import ignores symbolic links. People periodically suggest that this behavior should be changed, but if there is a consensus on what it should be changed to, it doesn't seem to be apparent. (Various options in the `modules' file can be used to recreate symbolic links on checkout, update, etc.; see section C.1 The modules file.)

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