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CVS--Concurrent Versions System v1.11.1.1

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2.2 How data is stored in the repository

For most purposes it isn't important how CVS stores information in the repository. In fact, the format has changed in the past, and is likely to change in the future. Since in almost all cases one accesses the repository via CVS commands, such changes need not be disruptive.

However, in some cases it may be necessary to understand how CVS stores data in the repository, for example you might need to track down CVS locks (see section 10.5 Several developers simultaneously attempting to run CVS) or you might need to deal with the file permissions appropriate for the repository.

2.2.1 Where files are stored within the repository  What files are stored in the repository
2.2.2 File permissions  
2.2.3 File Permission issues specific to Windows  Issues specific to Windows
2.2.4 The attic  Some files are stored in the Attic
2.2.5 The CVS directory in the repository  Additional information in CVS directory
2.2.6 CVS locks in the repository  CVS locks control concurrent accesses
2.2.7 How files are stored in the CVSROOT directory  A few things about CVSROOT are different

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