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cgicc Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
cgicc::CgiccThe main class of the GNU cgicc library
cgicc::CgiEnvironmentClass encapsulating the CGI runtime environment
cgicc::CgiInputClass that abstracts a data source
cgicc::commentAn HTML comment
cgicc::FormEntryClass representing a single HTML form entry
cgicc::FormFileClass representing a file submitted via an HTML form
cgicc::HTMLAtomicElement< Tag >Template for concrete atomic HTMLElement subclasses
cgicc::HTMLAttributeClass representing a name or a single name/value pair
cgicc::HTMLAttributeListAn expandable list of HTMLAttribute objects
cgicc::HTMLBooleanElement< Tag >Template for concrete boolean HTMLElement subclasses
cgicc::HTMLDoctypeSpecifies the DTD of the HTML 4 document
cgicc::HTMLElementClass representing an HTML element
cgicc::HTMLElementListAn expandable list of HTMLElement objects
cgicc::HTTPContentHeaderHTTP header for data of a specified MIME type
cgicc::HTTPCookieAn HTTP cookie
cgicc::HTTPHeaderAbstract base class for all simple HTTP response headers
cgicc::HTTPHTMLHeaderShortcut to HTTPContentHeader for text/html
cgicc::HTTPPlainHeaderShortcut to HTTPContentHeader for text/html
cgicc::HTTPRedirectHeaderClass for redirecting the client to a different URI
cgicc::HTTPResponseHeaderGeneric HTTP response header
cgicc::HTTPStatusHeaderHTTP header to set a specific request status
cgicc::MStreamableMix-in streamable interface

GNU cgicc - A C++ class library for writing CGI applications
Copyright © 1996 - 2002 Stephen F. Booth
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