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1.3.5 Monitoring important files

Security is an important issue on any system. In the busy life of a system administrator it is not always easy to remember to set the correct access rights on every file and this can result in either a security breach or problems in accessing files.

A common scenario is that you, as administrator, fetch a new package using ftp, compile it and install it without thinking too carefully. Since the owner and permissions of the files in an ftp archive remains those of the program author, it often happens that the software is left lying around with the owner and permissions as set by the author of the program rather than any user-name on your system. The user-id of the author might be anybody on your system -- or perhaps nobody at all! The files should clearly be owned by root and made readable and unwritable to normal users.

Simple accidents and careless actions under stress could result in, say, the password file being writable to ordinary users. If this were the case, the security of the entire system would be compromised. Cfagent therefore allows you to monitor the permissions, ownership and general existence of files and directories and, if you wish, correct them or warn about them automatically.

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