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7.11 Suspicious filenames

Whenever cfagent opens a directory and scans through files and directories (recursively) (files, tidy, copy), it is also on the lookout for for suspicious filenames, i.e. files like ".. ." containing only space and/or dots. Such files are seldom created by sensible sources, but are often used by crackers to try to hide dangerous programs. Cfagent warns about such files. Although not necessarily a security issue, cfagent will also warn about filenames which contain non-printable characters if desired, and directories which are made to look like plain files by giving them filename extensions.

   # Security checks

   NonAlphaNumFiles = ( on )
   FileExtensions = ( o a c gif jpg html ) # etc
   SuspiciousNames = ( .mo lrk3 lkr3 )

The file extension list may be used to detect concealed directories during these searches, if users create directories which look like common files this will be warned about. Additional suspicious filenames can be checked for automatically as a matter if course. This is commented further below.

The mail spool directory is a common place for users to try to hide dowloaded files. These options inform about files which do not have the name of a user or are not owned by a valid user:

   WarnNonOwnerMail = ( true )
   WarnNonUserMail = ( true )  # Warn about mail which is not owned by a user

Corresponding commands exist to delete these files without further ado. This can be a useful way of cleaning up after users whose accounts have been removed.

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