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GNU cfengine

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3.11 Log files written by cfagent

Cfagent keeps two kinds of log-file privately and it allows you to log its activity to syslog. Syslog logging may be switched on with the Syslog variable, (see Reference manual).

The first log cfagent keeps is for every user (every subdirectory of a home directory filesystem). A file ~/.cfengine.rm keeps a list of all the files which were deleted during the last pass of the tidy function. This is useful for users who want to know files have been removed without their blessing. This helps to identify what is happening on the system in case of accidents.

Another file is built when cfagent searches through file trees in the files action. This is a list of all programs which are setuid root, or setgid root. Since such files are a potential security risk, cfagent always prints a warning when it encounters a new one (one which is not already in its list). This allows the system administrator to keep a watchful eye over new programs which appear and give users root access. The cfengine log is called /var/cfengine/cfengine.log. The file is not readable for general users.

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