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3.8 Wildcards in directory names

In the two actions files and tidy you define directory names at which file checking or tidying searches should start. One economical feature is that you can define a whole group of directories at which identical searches should start in one fell swoop by making use of wildcards. For example, the directory names

represent all of the directories (and only directories) which match the above wildcard strings. Cfagent opens each matching directory and iterates the action over all directories which match.

The symbol `?' matches any single character, whereas `*' matches any number of characters, in accordance with shell file-substitution wildcards.

When this notation is used in directory names, it always defines the starting point for a search. It does not tell the command how to search, only where to begin. The pattern directive in tidy can be used to specify patterns when tidying files and under files all files are considered, (see Reference manual),

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