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GNU cfengine

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3.4 Defining classes and making exceptions

Cfengine communicates with itself by passing messages in the form of classes. When a class becomes switched on or off, cfengine's program effectively becomes modified. There are several ways in which you can switch on and off classes. Learning these fully will take some time, and only then will you harness the full power of cfengine.

Because cfagent works at a very high level, doing very many things for very few lines of code it might seem that some flexibility is lost. When we restrict certain actions to special classes it is occasionally useful to be able to switch off classes temporarily so as to cancel the special actions.

3.4.1 Command line classes  
3.4.2 actionsequence classes  
3.4.3 shellcommand classes  
3.4.4 Feedback classes  
3.4.5 Writing plugin modules  

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