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GNU cfengine

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2.3 Building a distributed configuration

If a configuration is to be specified at one central location, how does it get distributed to many hosts? The simple answer is to get cfengine to distribute the configuration to the hosts. To do that, a separate configuration file is used. Why?

Imagine what would happen if you made a mistake in the configuration, i.e. a syntax error which got distributed to every host. Now all the hosts wuld be unable to run cfengine, and thereafter unable to download a corrected configuration file. The whole setup would be broken. To prevent this kind of accident, a separate configuration file is used to copy the files and binaries to each host. This configuration should be simple, and should almost never be edited: they key word here is reliability.

2.3.1 Startup update.conf  
2.3.2 Startup cfservd.conf  

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