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GNU cfengine

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Grouping time values5.3 Building flexible time classes
groups and time intervals5.3 Building flexible time classes

Hard class name collision3.2 Variable substitution
Hard links1.3.6 Making links
Help2.5 Invoking cfagent
Home directories and automount4.7 Using the automounter
Home server4.6.1 NFS filesystem resources
Home servers, declaring4.6.3 How does it work?
Host name gets truncated3.1 Classes
Hostname collision3.2 Variable substitution
HUP and cfservd, don't need to6.3.1 Installation of cfservd

ifconfig1.3.2 Network interface
IfElapsed, caution setting to zero!6.2.5 Deadlocks and runaway loops
ignore=3.9 Recursive file sweeps/directory traversals
Ignoring, private lists in files, copy and links3.9 Recursive file sweeps/directory traversals
Immune identity7.19 Privacy (encryption)
In-built functions3.2 Variable substitution
include=3.9 Recursive file sweeps/directory traversals
Infinite loops6.2.5 Deadlocks and runaway loops
Invoking cfagent2.5 Invoking cfagent
Iteration over lists3.14 Iterating over lists

Linking to binservers4.6.4 Special variables
Links1.3.6 Making links
Load balancing5.2 Splaying host times
localhost and remote copying6.2.5 Deadlocks and runaway loops
Lock files for ordinary users6.2.3 Spamming and security
Log files3.11 Log files written by cfagent
Log files, rotating4.9 Disabling and the file repository
Logical NOT3.1 Classes

Macros3.2 Variable substitution
Mailing output2.6 Running cfengine permanently
moduledirectory3.4.5 Writing plugin modules
Modules, user defined plug-ins3.4 Defining classes and making exceptions
Monitoring important files1.3.5 Monitoring important files
Months5.3 Building flexible time classes
Mount points4.6.2 Unique filesystem mountpoints
Multiple package configuration3.14 Iterating over lists
Musts in cfengine2.1 What you must have in a cfagent program

Name collision3.2 Variable substitution
Name server1.3.4 Name servers (DNS)
Naming convention4.6.2 Unique filesystem mountpoints
Nested macros3.2 Variable substitution
netgroups4.2 Using netgroups
network configuration1.3.2 Network interface
network interface1.3.2 Network interface
NFS1.3.3 Network File System (NFS) or file distribution?
NFS mounted filesystems4.6 Cfengine's model for NFS-mounted filesystems
NFS resources4.6.1 NFS filesystem resources
NIS4.2 Using netgroups
NOT operator3.1 Classes

Operator ordering3.1 Classes
Optional features in cfagent2.4 Optional features in cfagent
Order of actions2.2 Program structure
Ordinary users, lock files6.2.3 Spamming and security
Output logs2.6 Running cfengine permanently

Package configuration, multiple3.14 Iterating over lists
Path to input files2.7 CFINPUTS environment variable
Patterns3.8 Wildcards in directory names
Permissions, extended4.12 Managing ACLs
Piping input into cfengine2.7 CFINPUTS environment variable
Plug-in modules3.4 Defining classes and making exceptions
Policy for running the system4.1 General considerations
Privileged ports7.20 Trust and key races
Program format2.2 Program structure
Program structure2.2 Program structure

Quoting strings3.12 Quoted strings

Race condition3.10 Security in Recursive file sweeps
Race condition with public keys7.20 Trust and key races
Random numbers3.2 Variable substitution
rdist program6.1 Cfengine network services
Remote distribution of files6.1 Cfengine network services
Remote execution of cfagent6.1 Cfengine network services
Remote execution of cfagent6.2.2 Remote execution of cfagent
Rereading `cfservd.conf'6.3.1 Installation of cfservd
Restarting cfservd6.3.1 Installation of cfservd
Restricting access3.7 Access control
Rotating files4.9 Disabling and the file repository
Running cfagent remotely6.2.2 Remote execution of cfagent

Scripts, passing classes to3.2 Variable substitution
Sections, order of2.2 Program structure
Security, link races and travlinks3.10 Security in Recursive file sweeps
server=6.2.1 Remote file distribution
server= when copying to localhost6.2.5 Deadlocks and runaway loops
setgid root log3.11 Log files written by cfagent
setuid root log3.11 Log files written by cfagent
Setuid scripts3.7 Access control
Shell commands which define classes3.4.3 shellcommand classes
Special variables4.6.4 Special variables
Splaying host times5.2 Splaying host times
split3.14 Iterating over lists
Starting cfagent2.5 Invoking cfagent
STDIN, reading from2.7 CFINPUTS environment variable
Strings3.12 Quoted strings
Structure of a program2.2 Program structure
System administrator, name3.2 Variable substitution
System policy4.1 General considerations

tidy, file sweeps3.9 Recursive file sweeps/directory traversals
Tidying files4.3 Files and links
Time classes5.3 Building flexible time classes
travlinks3.10 Security in Recursive file sweeps
travlinks3.10 Security in Recursive file sweeps
Trusted Third Party7.20 Trust and key races

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