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GNU cfengine

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Brackets (parentheses) in classes.3.1 Classes

Configure multiple packages3.14 Iterating over lists

Define classes based on result of user program3.4.3 shellcommand classes

How can I make complex time intervals using time classes?5.3 Building flexible time classes
How can I use cfengine to make a global cron file?5. Using cfengine as a front end for cron
How do I quote quotes?3.12 Quoted strings
How to keep all users in `/home'4.7 Using the automounter

Iterating over lists3.14 Iterating over lists

Parentheses in classes.3.1 Classes

split, using a space3.14 Iterating over lists

Time classes, picking out complex time intervals5.3 Building flexible time classes

Why do I get network access denied to files I have granted access to?6.3.2 Configuration file `cfservd.conf'
Why does cfservd give access to files on a different filesystem?6.3.2 Configuration file `cfservd.conf'

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