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3.16.4 home directive

If you want to check the files of all the users who have their login areas on the current host, you can use a wildcard directive home instead of a directory name. In this case the file action iterates over all home directories physically on the current host. The home directories are, of course, located by searching for files which match


i.e. the values which are specified in the control part of the program. For example the following line is a very useful service to ignorant users.


    home mode=o-w r=inf act=fixall

It ensures automatically that no user has files which can be written to by other arbitrary users.

As a corollary to this, you may write something like

     home/www mode=a+r fixall

to specify a special subdirectory of every users' home directory. This statement would check that all of the files in users' world wide web directories were readable for everyone.

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