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3.8.52 timezone

   timezone = ( 3-character timezone )

The timezone variable is a list of character strings which define your local timezone. Normally you will only need a single timezone, but sometimes there are several aliases for a given timezone e.g. MET and CET are synonymous. Currently only the first three characters of this string are checked against the timezone which cfengine manages to glean from the system. If a mismatch is detected a warning message is printed. cfengine does not attempt to configure the timezone. This feature works only as a reminder, since the timezone should really be set once and for all at the time the system is installed. On some systems you can set the timezone by editing a file, a procedure which you can automate with cfengine See section 3.15 editfiles.

The value of the timezone can be accessed by variable substitution in the usual way. It expands to the first item in your list.


       "echo ${timezone} | mail ${sysadm}"

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