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GNU cfengine

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3.8.40 Schedule

   schedule  = (  Min00_05 Min30_35 time class ) 

When cfexecd is used in daemon mode, it defaults to running once an hour, on the hour, i.e..
   schedule  = (  Min00_05 ) 
This can be extended to make the agent run more often. The time specifiers are cfengine classes, and are written as intervals of time rather the precise times. Cfengine's time resolution is purposely limited to five minutes because the auto-correlation time of user resources is generally greater than this. Thus, it is assumed that precision timing is not required and the start time of cfengine, when scheduled in daemon mode, is not better than a few minutes. The daemon does not require precision, but offers many other strategic features for load balancing and security.

Other time classes can be used in the schedule list, but note that cfexecd will not run the agent more than once every five minutes. This is treated as a fundamental granularity.

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