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3.8.37 nfstype

   nfstype = ( nfs-type ) 

This variable is included only for future expansion. If you do not define this variable, its value defaults to "nfs".

At present cfengine operates only with NFS (the network file system). When cfengine looks for network file systems to mount, it adds lines in the filesystem table (`/etc/fstab',`/etc/checklist' etc.) to try to mount filesystems of type "nfs". In principle you might want to use a completely different system for mounting filesystems over the network, in which case the `mount type' would not be "nfs" but something else.

At the time of writing certain institutions are replacing NFS with AFS (the Andrew filesystem) and DFS (from the distributed computing environment). The use of these filesystems really excludes the need to use the mount protocol at all. In other words if you are using AFS or DFS, you don't need to use cfengine's mounting commands at all.

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