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3.8.34 mountpattern

   mountpattern  = ( mount-point ) 

The mountpattern list is used by the cfengine model for mounting nfs filesystems. @xref{NFS resources,NFS resources,NFS resources,cfengine-Tutorial}. It is also used in the evaluation of the pseudo variable home, See 3.16 files, 3.31 tidy.

It is used together with the value of homepattern to locate and identify what filesystems are local to a given host and which are mounted over the network. For this list to make sense you need to stick to a rigid convention for mounting your filesystems under a single naming scheme as described in the section mentioned above. If you follow the recommended naming scheme then you will want to set the value of mountpattern to

mountpattern = ( /$(site)/$(host) )

which implies that cfengine will look for local disk partitions under a unique directory given by the name of the host and site. Any filesystems which are physically located on the current host lie in this directory. All mounted filesystems should lie elsewhere. If you insist on keeping mounted file systems in more than one location, you can make a list like this:

mountpattern = ( /$(site)/users /$(site)/projects )

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