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3.8.25 HomePattern

   HomePattern  = ( list of patterns ) 

The homepattern variable is used by the cfengine model for mounting nfs filesystems. @xref{NFS resources,NFS resources,NFS resources,cfengine-Tutorial}. It is also used in the evaluation of the pseudo variable home, See 3.16 files, 3.31 tidy.

homepattern is in fact a list and is used like a wildcard or pattern to determine which filesystems in the list of mountables are home directories. See section 3.26 mountables. This relies on your sticking to a rigid naming convention as described in the first reference above.

For example, you might wish to mount (or locate directly if you are not using a separate partition for home directories) your home directories under mountpattern in directories u1, u2 and so on. In this case you would define homepattern to match these numbers:

homepattern = ( u? )

Cfengine now regards any directory matching $(mountpattern)/u? as being a user login directory.

Suppose you want to create mount home directories under $(mountpattern)/home and make subdirectories for staff and students. Then you would be tempted to write:

 HomePattern = ( home/staff home/students )

Unfortunately this is not presently possible. (This is, in principle, a bug which should be fixed in the future.) What you can do instead is to achieve the same this as follows:

 MountPattern = ( /$(site)/$(host) /$(site)/$(host)/home )
 HomePattern = ( staff students )

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