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3.8.4 AddInstallable

   AddInstallable  = ( list of identifiers ) 

Some actions in your cfengine program will be labelled by classes which only become defined at run time using a define= option. Cfengine is not always able to see these classes until it meets them and tries to save space by only loading actions for classes which is believes will become defined at some point in the program. This can lead to some actions being missed if the action is parsed before the place where the class gets switched on, since cfengine is a one-pass interpreter,. To help cfengine determine classes which might become defined during a run, you can declare them in this list. It does no harm to declare classes here anyway. Here is an example where you need to declare a class because of the ordering of the actions.


    AddInstallable  = ( myclass )



     /tmp/test mode=644 action=fixall


     /tmp/foo dest=/tmp/test define=myclass

If we remove the declaration, then when cfengine meets the files command, it skips it because it knows nothing about the class `myclass'---when the copy command follows, it is too late. Remember that imported files are always parsed after the main program so definitions made in imported files always come later than things in the main program.

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