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GNU cfengine

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3.7 broadcast

This information is used to configure the network interface for each host.

Every local area network has a convention for determining which internet address is used for broadcast requests. Normally this is an address of the form aaa.bbb.ccc.255 or aaa.bbb.ccc.0. The difference between these two forms is whether all of the bits in the last number are ones or zeroes respectively. You must find out which convention is used at your establishment and tell cfengine using a declaration of the form:



     ones     # or zeros, or zeroes

In most cases you can use the generic class any, since all of the hosts on the same subnet have to use the same convention. If your configuration file encompasses several different subnets with different conventions then you will need to use a more specific.

Cfengine computes the actual value of the broadcast address using the value specified above and the netmask See section 3.8.35 netmask.

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