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3.4.3 DFS ACLs

In DCE, the ACL type can be one of the following:

The user, group, foreign_user and foreign_group types require that you specify a user or group. The DCE documentation refers to types user_obj, group_obj and so on. In the cfengine implementation, the ugly `_obj' suffix has been dropped to make these more in keeping with the POSIX names. user_obj::, is equivalent to user:*: is cfengine. The star/asterisk implies that the ACL applies to the owner of the file object.

DFS permissions are comprised of the bits `crwxid', where:
        c - Grants control privileges, to modify an acl.
        r - Grants read  privileges.
        w - Grants write privileges.
        x - Grants execute privileges.
        i - Grants insert privileges.
        d - Grants delete privileges.
See the DCE/DFS documentation for more information about this.

It is not possible to set ACLs in foreign cells currently using cfengine, but you can still have all of your ACL definitions in the same file. You must however arrange for the file to be executed on the server for the cell concerned. Note also that you must perform a DCE login (normally as user `cell_admin') in order to set ACLs on files which are not owned by the owner of the cfengine-process. This is because you must have a valid security ticket.

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