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GNU cfengine

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ones3.7 broadcast
Operator ordering3.3 Cfengine classes
Output logs5. Cfexecd reference
Ownership of files3.16.5 Owner and group wildcards

Password file, editing3.15 editfiles
Path to home directories3.8.25 HomePattern
Path to mounted filesystems3.8.34 mountpattern
Paths, making3.13 directories
Pattern matching in file sweeps3.16.1 Syntax
Percentage disk space3.28 required
Permissions, directories3.16.3 Directory permissions
Port, connecting to different4.4 Firewalls and NATs
Preserving file times in copy3.10 copy
Previewing shellcommands3.30 shellcommands
PRNG not seeded2. Cfkey reference
Processes, 0 to 33.27 processes
Processes, checking existence of3.27 processes
Processes, counting3.27 processes
Processes, signalling3.27 processes
Public keys3.10 copy
Purge, excluding files3.10 copy

Quoted strings3.15 editfiles

Recursion in files3.16.2 Recursion
Redefinition of macros3.8.5 AllowRedefinitionOf
Relative links3.23.1 Single links
Removing directories3.31 tidy
Removing entries from netgroups3.18 groups/classes
Renaming files3.14 disable
Replacing file by link3.14 disable
Repository filenames, changing3.8.38 RepChar
resolv.conf3.29 resolve
Resolver configuration3.29 resolve
Resource file6.2 `cfrc' resource file
Restart zombie deadlock bug3.27 processes
Restricting the size of binary files to be edited3.8.18 editbinaryfilesize
Restricting the size of files to be edited3.8.19 editfilesize
Reverse lookup and SkipVerify4.2.1 root=
rmdirs3.31 tidy
Rotating log files3.14 disable
Running cfengine from a single master host4.3 cfrun
Running cfengine from a single master host4.3 cfrun
Running cfrun4.3 cfrun

scheduling3.8.40 Schedule
Scripts and class information3.30 shellcommands
Scripts, passing classes to3.2 Special variables
Search patterns in files3.16.1 Syntax
Searching for home directories3.8.25 HomePattern
Searching, advanced3.17 filters
Secure input3.8.41 SecureInput
Security risk4.2.3 SkipVerify
Security, link races and travlinks3.31 tidy
sed, editing3.15 editfiles
Selecting files in searches3.17 filters
Sensible file sizes3.8.43 SensibleSize
Sensible limits on files in a directory3.8.42 SensibleCount
Setting classes based on non-local disks3.12 disks
Setting uid on restarted processes3.27 processes
Several files3.21 import
Shell command to decide class3.18 groups/classes
Single links3.23.1 Single links
Single quotes3.15 editfiles
site3.8.45 site/faculty
size field in disable3.14 disable
SkipVerify and public-private keys4.2.1 root=
Specifying file sizes3.31 tidy
SplayTime in cfrun4.3 cfrun
split3.8.47 Split
SplitOn3.15 editfiles
SpoolDirectories3.8.48 SpoolDirectories
Subnet mask3.8.35 netmask
Support for new systems6.2 `cfrc' resource file
suspiciousnames3.8.49 suspiciousnames
Switching off backup in copy3.10 copy
Switching off internal classes3.1.2 Cfagent runtime options
Symbolic links, absolute3.23.1 Single links
Symbolic links, relative3.23.1 Single links
sysadm3.8.50 sysadm

Testing files1.4 Evaluated classes
Tidy by ctime, mtime, atime3.31 tidy
Tidy log files for users3.8.32 LogTidyHomeFiles
Tidying empty files3.31 tidy
Tidying files3.31 tidy
timeout= in shellcommands3.30 shellcommands
Timeouts during iterations3.30 shellcommands
Too many open files error3.10.2 Too many open files
Touching files3.16.7 touch
travlinks3.31 tidy
Tree copying, exact3.10 copy
Tripwire functionality3.8.7 ChecksumDatabase
Tripwire functionality3.16.1 Syntax
Truncating log files3.14 disable
Trusted hosts3.10 copy
TrustKeysFrom variable4.1.14 TrustKeysFrom

umask3.15 editfiles
umask3.27 processes
umask3.30 shellcommands
underscoreclasses3.2 Special variables
Unmounting filesystems3.32 unmount
`update.conf'1.2 Work directory

Variables in import files3.21 import

Warning about full disks3.12 disks
Warning about full disks3.28 required
Wildcard home3.16.1 Syntax
Wildcards in homepattern3.8.25 HomePattern
WWW server logs3.14 disable

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