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Index Entry Section

Empty files3.31 tidy
Emptying old nameservers from `/etc/resolv.conf'3.8.20 EmptyResolvConf
Environment variable CFALLCLASSES3.1.2 Cfagent runtime options
Example configuration files7. Example configuration files
Exclamation marks, turning off3.8.21 Exclamation
Excluding classes3.8.3 AddClasses
Excluding files from a file sweep3.16.1 Syntax

failover3.10 copy
Field separator in editfiles3.15 editfiles
File images (copy)3.10 copy
File management3.16 files
File sizes, specifying3.31 tidy
File tree images3.10 copy
File types1.4 Evaluated classes
Files, breaking up into several3.21 import
Files, checking permissions3.16 files
Files, home wildcard3.16.4 home directive
Files, importing3.21 import
Files, ownership3.16.5 Owner and group wildcards
Files, recursion3.16.2 Recursion
Files, setting owner3.16 files
Files, syntax3.16.1 Syntax
Force copying3.10 copy
freespace=3.12 disks
freespace=3.28 required
Full disk warnings3.12 disks
Full disk warnings3.28 required
Fully qualified names3.3 Cfengine classes

Group dependencies3.18 groups/classes
Group field, editing3.15 editfiles
groups3.9 classes
groups3.18 groups/classes
Groups, defining3.18 groups/classes

Hard class name collision3.2 Special variables
Hardlinks3.23.5 Hard Links
Hashes of files3.8.7 ChecksumDatabase
Hashes of files3.16.1 Syntax
home directive3.16.4 home directive
Home path3.8.25 HomePattern
Home servers, defining3.19 homeservers
home wildcard3.16.1 Syntax
Homepattern variable.3.26 mountables
Host name gets truncated3.3 Cfengine classes
Hostname collision3.2 Special variables
Hung machine6.1 `cf.preconf' bootstrap file

ignore command3.20 ignore
Import files, variables in3.21 import
Importing files3.21 import
Incrementing line pointer in editfiles3.15 editfiles
Interface name, redefining by class3.8.28 InterfaceName
InterfaceName3.8.28 InterfaceName
Internal classes, switching off3.1.2 Cfagent runtime options
Internet address3.8.35 netmask
IP address3.8.35 netmask
Iterating over lists in shellcommands3.30 shellcommands
Iteration over lists3.8.47 Split

Key entropy and cfenvd2. Cfkey reference
Key security of users4.1.4 AllowUsers
Key, ACL3.4.3 DFS ACLs
Kilobyte, filesize unit3.31 tidy

Linkchildren3.16.6 Files linkchildren
Linkchildren3.23.3 Link Children
Links and binary servers3.23.1 Single links
Links and binary servers3.23.3 Link Children
Links, absolute3.23.1 Single links
Links, absolute3.23.1 Single links
Links, deleting stale3.16.1 Syntax
Links, deleting stale3.31 tidy
Links, forcing for non-existent files3.23.1 Single links
Links, making3.23 links
Links, multiple3.23.2 Multiple Links
Links, removing dead3.23.1 Single links
Links, single3.23.1 Single links
Links, traversing in searches3.16.1 Syntax
Links, traversing in searches3.31 tidy
Local disk space, make use of3.23.3 Link Children
Log files, controlling the size of3.14 disable
Logical NOT3.3 Cfengine classes

Mail server, defining3.24 mailserver
Mailing output5. Cfexecd reference
Mailing output5. Cfexecd reference
Making directories3.13 directories
Making links3.23 links
Making paths3.13 directories
Making use of local disk space3.23.3 Link Children
MaxConnections variable4.1.13 MaxConnections
Megabytes, filesize unit3.31 tidy
Message digests3.8.7 ChecksumDatabase
Message digests3.16.1 Syntax
Miscellaneous mount operations3.25 miscmounts
Module directory3.8.33 moduledirectory
Modules, user defined3.8.2 actionsequence
Mount paths3.8.34 mountpattern
Mountable resources, defining3.19 homeservers
Mountable resources, defining3.26 mountables
Mounted filesystems3.10 copy
Mounting filesystems.3.25 miscmounts
mtime tidies3.31 tidy
Multiple links3.23.2 Multiple Links

Name collision3.2 Special variables
NAT4.4 Firewalls and NATs
Negating classes3.8.2 actionsequence
Negating entries from netgroups3.18 groups/classes
Netgroups3.18 groups/classes
Netgroups, negating entries3.18 groups/classes
netmask3.8.35 netmask
Netmask3.8.35 netmask
Network address translator4.4 Firewalls and NATs
Network Address Translators4.2.3 SkipVerify
Network interfaces, several3.22 interfaces
New systems, support for6.2 `cfrc' resource file
nfs3.8.37 nfstype
NFS filesystems and disk checking3.12 disks
NFS mount model and automounter3.15 editfiles
nfstype3.8.37 nfstype
NIS, netgroup support3.18 groups/classes
NOT operator3.3 Cfengine classes
NT, ACL3.4.4 NT ACLs

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