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GNU cfengine

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Index Entry Section

!3.3 Cfengine classes

--dry-run option3.30 shellcommands
-D option3.8.3 AddClasses
-l option3.16.1 Syntax
-L option3.23.1 Single links
-l option3.31 tidy
-x option6.1 `cf.preconf' bootstrap file

.cfdisabled3.14 disable
.cfengine.rm3.31 tidy
`.cfnew' files3.10 copy
`.cfsaved' files3.23.2 Multiple Links
.X11 directory3.20 ignore

/etc/host.conf6.1 `cf.preconf' bootstrap file
`/etc/hosts.equiv'3.14 disable
/var/cfengine/output5. Cfexecd reference

Absolute links3.23.1 Single links
Access control3.8.1 access
Access control lists3.4 acl
ACL key3.4.1 Access control entries
ACLs3.4 acl
action sequence3.8.2 actionsequence
Adding defined classes3.8.3 AddClasses
Adding new classes6.2 `cfrc' resource file
AFS3.8.37 nfstype
allclasses variable3.30 shellcommands
AllowConnectionsFrom variable4.1.2 AllowConnectionsFrom
AllowUsers in cfservd4.1.4 AllowUsers
Andrew filesystem3.8.37 nfstype
atime tidies3.31 tidy
AutoCreate3.15 editfiles
AutoExecInterval variable4.1.6 AutoExecInterval
automounter3.15 editfiles
awk, editing3.15 editfiles

Backup of files in copy3.10 copy
BeginGroupIfDefined3.15 editfiles
BeginGroupIfFileExists3.15 editfiles
BeginGroupIfFileIsNewer3.15 editfiles
BeginGroupIfNotDefined3.15 editfiles
Binary servers and links3.23.1 Single links
Binary servers and links3.23.3 Link Children
Binary servers, defining3.6 binservers
Binary servers, priority3.6 binservers
Binary servers, priority3.23.1 Single links
Bootstrap file6.1 `cf.preconf' bootstrap file
Broadcast address3.7 broadcast
Broadcasts to the cfengine service.4.3 cfrun

Caching of reverse lookups4.2.1 root=
CatchAbort3.15 editfiles
`cf.groups'7.2 cf.groups
`cf.main'7.3 cf.main
`cf.motd'7.5 cf.motd
cf.preconf bootstrap file6.1 `cf.preconf' bootstrap file
`cf.site'7.4 cf.site
`cf.site'7.10 cfservd.conf
`cfagent.conf'7.1 cfagent.conf
CFALLCLASSES3.2 Special variables
CFALLCLASSES3.30 shellcommands
cfenvd and key entropy2. Cfkey reference
cfexecd5. Cfexecd reference
cfexecd5. Cfexecd reference
cfrc resource file6.2 `cfrc' resource file
cfrun, limiting users on server4.1.4 AllowUsers
cfrunCommand variable4.1.8 cfrunCommand
`cfservd.conf' file4. Cfservd and cfrun reference
Changing cfengine port4.4 Firewalls and NATs
Checksum warning, turning off exclamation3.8.21 Exclamation
ChecksumDatabase3.8.7 ChecksumDatabase
ChecksumDatabase variable4.1.7 ChecksumDatabase
ChecksumUpdates3.8.8 ChecksumUpdates
CIDR3.18 groups/classes
Class data and scripts3.2 Special variables
Class decided by shell command3.18 groups/classes
Class dependencies3.18 groups/classes
Class information, passing to scripts3.30 shellcommands
classes3.3 Cfengine classes
classes3.9 classes
classes3.18 groups/classes
classes3.18 groups/classes
Classes, adding and defining3.8.3 AddClasses
Classes, compound3.3 Cfengine classes
Classes, defining and undefining3.3 Cfengine classes
Classes, inbuilt functions1.4 Evaluated classes
Classless IP addresses3.18 groups/classes
Comparing file objects1.4 Evaluated classes
Compound classes3.3 Cfengine classes
Contacting specific hosts with cfrun4.3 cfrun
control section3.8 control
Controlling the size of log files3.14 disable
copy3.10 copy
Copy, exact filetree images3.10 copy
Copying files3.10 copy
Creating files3.16.8 create
ctime tidies3.31 tidy

DCE key3.4.3 DFS ACLs
Deadlock6.1 `cf.preconf' bootstrap file
Deadlock zombie bug in restart3.27 processes
Declaring classes3.8.4 AddInstallable
Decrementing line pointer in editfiles3.15 editfiles
Defining a binary server3.6 binservers
Defining a home server3.19 homeservers
Defining a mail server3.24 mailserver
Defining a mountable3.26 mountables
Defining before use3.8.4 AddInstallable
Defining classes3.8.3 AddClasses
Defining classes3.8.3 AddClasses
Defining classes3.9 classes
Defining groups3.18 groups/classes
DeleteNonOwnerMail3.8.13 DeleteNonOwnerFiles
DeleteNonUserFiles3.8.13 DeleteNonOwnerFiles
DeleteNonUserMail DeleteNonUserFiles3.8.12 DeleteNonUserFiles
Deleting directories3.31 tidy
Deleting files3.31 tidy
Deleting stale links3.16.1 Syntax
Deleting stale links3.31 tidy
DenyBadClocks variable4.1.9 DenyBadClocks
DenyConnectionsFrom variable4.1.10 DenyConnectionsFrom
Dependencies3.18 groups/classes
Device boundaries3.10 copy
Device boundaries and files3.16.2 Recursion
DFS3.8.37 nfstype
DHCP3.8.2 actionsequence
DHCP4.1.15 DynamicAddresses
Directories, deleting3.31 tidy
Directories, hidden3.8.29 FileExtensions
Directories, making3.13 directories
Directory for cfengine modules3.8.33 moduledirectory
Directory permissions3.16.3 Directory permissions
Disabling file types3.14 disable
Disabling files3.14 disable
disks actions3.12 disks
DNS3.29 resolve
domain3.8.16 domain
Domain name3.8.35 netmask
Dots in hostnames3.3 Cfengine classes
Double quotes3.15 editfiles
DryRun3.8.17 DryRun
Dual homed hosts3.22 interfaces
Dynamic addresses4.1.15 DynamicAddresses
DynamicAddresses variable4.1.15 DynamicAddresses

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