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4.4 Firewalls and NATs

Firewalls and Network Address Translators (NAT) can be a problem for addressing. Suppose you have a firewall and with a private IP-range behind the firewall. You want to update the nodes from a central host. You can do a two stage configuration: first update the firewall and then update from the firewall to the nodes. But suppose you already use SNAT (Source Network Address Translation) and DNAT (Destination ...) for the nodes. With DNAT you can say that socket 22000 on the firewall is routed to host-name:5308. DNAT gives us the possibilty to update the nodes from a central server in one step instead of two. If the port command is given cfrun uses this to connect to the client instead of the default (5308) one. Here is an example (`cfrun.hosts'):
node2.example.org:22000 -DNis

This connects to: 1) node1 with standard port, 2) node2 with port 22000 and extra options -DNis and, 3) node2 with port 22000.

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