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3.4 acl



         { acl-alias


Cfengine's ACL feature is a common interface for managing filesystem access control lists (ACLs). An access control list is an extended file permission. It allows you to open or close a file to a named list of users (without having to create a group for those users); similarly, it allows you to open or close a file for a list of groups. Several operating systems have access control lists, but each typically has a different syntax and different user interface to this facility, making it very awkward to use. This part of a cfengine configuration simplifies the management of ACLs by providing a more convenient user interface for controlling them and--as far as possible--a common syntax.

An ACL may, by its very nature, contain a lot of information. Normally you would set ACLs in a files command, See section 3.16 files, or a copy command, See section 3.10 copy. It would be too cumbersome to repeat all of the information in every command in your configuration, so cfengine simplifies this by first associating an alias together with a complex list of ACL information. This alias is then used to represent the whole bundle of ACL entries in a files or copy command. The form of an ACL is similar to the form of an editfiles command. It is a bundle of information concerning a file's permissions.

 { acl-alias



The name acl-alias can be any identifier containing alphanumeric characters and underscores. This is what you will use to refer to the ACL entries in practice. The method entry tells cfengine how to interpret the entries: should a file's ACLs be overwritten or only adjusted? Since the filesystems from different developers all use different models for ACLs, you must also tell cfengine what kind of filesystem the file resides on. Currently only solaris and DCE/DFS ACLs are implemented.

NOTE: if you set both file permissions and ACLs the file permissions override the ACLs.

3.4.1 Access control entries  
3.4.2 Solaris ACLs  
3.4.3 DFS ACLs  
3.4.4 NT ACLs  
3.5.1 ACL Example  

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