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3.28 required

This is a synonym for disks, See section 3.12 disks. This action tests for the existence of a file or filesystem. It should be called after all NFS filesystems have been mounted. You may use the special variable $(binserver) here.


    /filesystem freespace=size-limit define=class-list(,:.) 

Files or filesystems which you consider to be essential to the operation of the system can be declared as `required'. Cfengine will warn if such files are not found, or if they look funny.

Suppose you mount your filesystem /usr/local via NFS from some binary server. You might want to check that this filesystem is not empty! This might occur if the filesystem was actually not mounted as expected, but failed for some reason. It is therefore not enough to check whether the directory /usr/local exists, one must also check whether it contains anything sensible.

Cfengine uses two variables: sensiblesize and sensiblecount to figure out whether a file or filesystem is sensible or not. You can change the default values of these variables (which are 1000 and 2 respectively) in the control section. See section 3.8 control.

If a file is smaller than sensiblesize or does not exist, it fails the `required' test. If a directory does not exist, or contains fewer than sensiblecount files, then it also fails the test and a warning is issued.



If you set the freespace variable to a value (the default units are kilobytes, but you may specify bytes or megabytes), e.g.


  /site/host/home1 freespace=50mb define=dotidy
  /site/host/home2 freespace=10% define=dotidy

then cfengine will warn when the filesystem concerned has less than this amount of free space. By adding a define tag, you can switch on any number of classes if this happens. This allows you to activate special measures for dealing with a filesystem which is in danger of becoming full.

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