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3.25 miscmounts

If you do not use the cfengine model for statically mounting NFS filesystems (or if there are filesystems which do not naturally fall into the bounds of that model) then you can still statically mount miscellaneous filesystems using a statement of the form:



      infohost:source-directory destination mode

      infohost:source-directory destination mode=mode

For example

    # old syntax

                          /$(site)/libraryserver/data1 ro

    # consistent syntax

                          /$(site)/libraryserver/data2 mode=ro

      host:/foo /foo mode=rw,bg,hard,intr

This statement would mount the directory `/$(site)/libraryserver/data' physically attached to host libraryserver onto a directory of the same name on all hosts in the group physics. The modes ro and rw signify read-only and read-write respectively. If no mode is given, read-write is assumed.

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