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3.24 mailserver

The mailserver declaration need only be used if you are using cfengine's model for mounting NFS filesystems. This declaration informs hosts of which NFS filesystem contains mail for its users. All hosts apart from the mail-host itself must then mount the mail spool directory across the network. The declaration looks like this:


   class::      mailhost:/var/spool/mail 

The result of the mailcheck command in the action-sequence is now to mount the filesystem /var/spool/mail on the host mailhost. This action is carried out on any machine which does not already have that filesystem mounted.

The mail spool directory is mounted, by default, onto the official mail spool directory for the system which is parsing the program. In other words, on an HPUX system, the spool directory is mounted on /usr/mail by default, whereas on a Sun system it would be mounted on /var/spool/mail. The default location can be changed by using the resource file. See section 6.2 `cfrc' resource file.

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