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3.23.4 Relative and absolute links

When specifying symbolic linking, you can ask cfengine to change the link type to be either relative to the source or to be an absolute path. What this means is the following. Consider the following link:
   /var/tmp/cfengine -> /local/cfengine

If we add the option type=relative, then instead of creating a link which points to `/local/cfengine', the link is created pointing to the location


In other words, the link is relative to the calling directory `/var/tmp'.

If a link is specified as being absolute with the option type=absolute, then cfengine attempts to resolve to value of the link so as to be the true path of the target. If the target name contains a symbolic link, then this is expanded as far as possible to give the true path to the file. For example, if `/local' is really a link to `/site/myhost/local' then the link would point to `/site/myhost/local/cfengine'.

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