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GNU cfengine

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3.23.2 Multiple Links

With the link symbol +>, you opt to link all of the files in a directory to corresponding files in another directory. This procedure is sometimes useful for installing software. In the example



     /usr/local/bin +>  /usr/local/lib/perl/bin
     /opt           +>! /local

every file in the directory /usr/local/lib/perl/bin is linked symbolically to a corresponding file in /usr/local/bin. The `pling' character forces cfengine to replace old links or plain files already existing. Old links are removed, whereas old files are saved by appending `.cfsaved' to the filename See section 3.8.39 Repository.

Each time cfengine runs it goes through all of the files in the directory concerned and checks the appropriate link accordingly. If new files appear, new links will be added. If a file disappears but the link to it remains, a warning will be issued, unless the -L command line option is used, in which case the link is deleted.

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