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3.19 homeservers

The homeservers declaration need only be used if you are using cfengine's model for mounting NFS filesystems. This declaration informs hosts of which other hosts on the network possess filesystems containing home directories (login areas) which client hosts should mount.

A sample homeserver declaration looks like this:


   Physics::  einstein 
   Math::     riemann euler

The meaning of this declaration is the following. Any host which finds itself to be a member of the classes on the left hand side of the assignment need to mount all home directory resources from the hosts on the right hand side of the assignment. The pattern variable homepattern is used to determine which resources are home directories in the list of mountables. See section 3.26 mountables.

Let us consider an example in which homepattern is set to the wildcard value `home?' and the mountables list is given by

   einstein:/mysite/einstein/home2  mountoptions=soft,bg,intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192
   riemann:/mysite/riemann/local    readonly=true

Any host in the group Physics would now want to mount all home directories from the host einstein. There are two of these. Both the filesystems listed for einstein match the homepattern variable since they end in `home?'. cfengine would therefore take this to mean that all hosts in Physics should mount both of these filesystems.

Hosts in Math, on the other hand, should mount only homedirectories from the hosts riemann and euler. There is only a single filesystem on riemann and it does not match homepattern, so it is not mounted. On euler there is a match, so this filesystem will be added to the appropriate hosts.

Cfengine picks out home directory resources from the mountables list by trying to match the homepattern variable, starting from the end of the directory name. You do not therefore have to use the designation /site/host/home? but this is a simple choice and is highly recommended.

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