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Anomaly detection with cfenvd and cfenvgraph

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1. Overview

One of the aims of cfengine version 2, in combination with our research efforts at Oslo University College, is to develop a real computer immune system, based on the detection of `sicknesses' or anomalies in the behaviour of the system, not merely based on a policy template. Such a system would be far more dynamical and be able to change in response to changing external conditions. This work is in its early stages, but you can take advantage of it straight away, with a minimum of effort. This additional manual aims at getting you started, so that you can monitor systems, and learn about their behaviour, without having to watch control panels, or time-series traces.

1.1 An environment detector: cfenvd  
1.2 Anomaly research  
1.3 cfenvgraph  
1.4 Starting with anomaly detection  

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